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UNICEF/UN028918/EsieboInternal Displaced Persons (IDP) camp, Borno state, northeast Nigeria, hosting families seeking refuge. How are affected individuals and communities (including religious leade.

Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. Edo State, Nigeria 2Department of Religious Management and Cultural Studies, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. Edo State, Nigeria Abstract: Among all the religions in Nigeria, Islam and Christianity record large numbers of adherents and the country’s politics is almost based on the two religious divides.

Religious Conflicts and Education in Nigeria: Implications for National Security Ushe Mike Ushe, Ph.D School of Arts and Social Sciences,National Open University of Nigeria,Lagos. Abstract The persistent religious conflicts and insecurity in Nigeria has given meaningful Nigerians a.

Ilesanmi O, Alele FO. Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of Ebola Virus Disease among Secondary School Students in Ondo State, Nigeria, October, 2014. PLOS Currents Outbreaks. 2016 Mar 4. Edition 1.

Religious affiliation in Nigeria is strongly related to ethnicity, with rather distinct regional divisions between ethnic groups. The northern states, dominated by the Hausa and Fulani groups, are predominantly Muslim while the southern ethnic groups have a large number of Christians.

RELIGIOUS CRISES IN NIGERIA: MANIFESTATION, EFFECT AND THE AW Y FORARDW Nwaomah, S. M. Professor of Biblical Studies Mission and Religion and Society Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria E-mail: [email protected],[email protected] ABSTRACT Conflict is a great predicament in any human society, and most times, it is predictable.

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Black Atlantic Religion illuminates. Their embrace of African religion is less a "survival," or inert residue of the African past, than a strategic choice in their circum-Atlantic, multicultural wo.

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Consolidating Media Freedoms in Iraq Consolidating Media Freedoms in Iraq. Strengthening human rights, civil society and democratization in North IraqStrengthening human rights, civil society and demo.

Therefore, this study assessed the knowledge of malaria prevention among caregivers of under-five children and pregnant women in a rural community in Southwest Nigeria. Methodology. This is part of a.

Other religions practiced in Nigeria include African Traditional Religion, Hinduism, Bahai, Judaism, The Grail Message, and the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity. According to a 2009 Pew survey, 45% of Nigeria’s population were Muslims.

4.3.3 Religious conflict during the 1990’s in Nigeria In April 1991, religious rioting broke out in Nigeria after a magazine, the Fun Times (which was a subsidiary of the Daily Times), published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ.

These included political support, engagement of traditional and religious institutions and the use of organised communication committees. The setting for the study was Nigeria, the fourteenth largest.

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Currently, Nigeria alone accounts for 30% of the burden of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. This review explores the socio-cultural factors influencing prevention of mother-to-child transmission o.

Conclusion: After analysis of available data from various organizations and credible sources, it is clear that Islam is going to be majority religion in Nigeria–if it already isn’t. Kicking to claims of.

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In religiously diverse countries, Muslims generally favor keeping religion a private matter at the same rates as non-Muslims. In Nigeria, for example, six-in-ten Muslims and the same proportion of non.

The Media, Ethnicity and Religion as Determinants of Failed Republics in Nigeria BY Godwin Ehiarekhian Oboh, PhD Researcher in Media Studies, Identity, Conflict and Representation Research Centre, School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts, Design and Technology, University of Derby, United Kingdom, and Lecturer, Department of

an independent that monitors religious liberties worldwide, had urged the U.S. to add Iraq, Egypt and Pakistan, along with Vietnam and Nigeria, to the watch list. Other countries cited for religious i.

Religious Crisis in Nigeria. Religion: Religion means different things to different people. It means one thing to the anthropologist and another thing to the psychologist. It means one thing to sociologist, another thing to the theologians and yet another thing to the Marxist etc.

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Religion in Nigerian Political Space: Implication for Sustainable National Development Ntamu, G. U. Dept. of Religious and Cultural Studies, University of Calabar Nigeria Abia O. T. Dept. of History, University of Calabar Nigeria Edinyang, S. D. Dept. of Curriculum and Teaching, Social studies/Education Unit University of Calabar, Nigeria

The book closely examines both the behavior and beliefs that are the keys to understanding Boko Haram. Putting the group’s violence in the context of the complex religious and political environment of.

4.3.3 Religious conflict during the 1990’s in Nigeria In April 1991, religious rioting broke out in Nigeria after a magazine, the Fun Times (which was a subsidiary of the Daily Times), published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ.

Orisun Anu Celestial Church Ikorodu Suspected members of Badoo cult moved from their Ikorodu base on Tuesday. two orthodox churches – Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Crystal Church of Christ parish; and Celestial Church of Christ, Oris. Suspected members of Badoo cult moved from their Ikorodu base on Tuesday. two orthodox churches – Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Crystal Church of Christ

Momani, who is also the government spokesperson, said that attacking places of worship is proof of the “delusion and criminality of terrorist groups that target humanity and religious values”. He reit.

religion, a thing of the past or a dead religion. It is a religion that is practised by living men and women. Through modern changes, the traditional religion cannot remain intact but it is by no means extinct. The declared adherents of the indigenous religion are very conservative, resisting the

Lessons Learnt from Epidemiological Investigation of Lassa Fever Outbreak in a Southwest State of Nigeria December 2015 to April 2016. and routes of transmission. Community and religious leaders we.

The board has also hosted numerous priests from Russia, Poland, Brazil, Nigeria and the Philippines, in addition to religious leaders from the Gulf countries and Europe, according to Arabiyat. Additio.

The merger of the two protectorates was imposed by the British Empire in 1914 and laid the foundations of modern Nigeria. However, the country is still divided along multiple lines, with ethnic ideolo.

development in Nigeria. Keywords: Religion, Christianity, Islam, Nigeria, African Traditional Religion 1. Introduction Religion is an important phenomenon in contemporary Nigeria. It is ever popular and has captured the attention of many Nigerians. Its activities have predominated man’s life. Religion has been and is increasingly coming to

In the case of Nigeria, the frequency of religious conflicts in the northern part between 1987 and 2011 has left adverse effects on the socio-economic polity of the people.